Sleepy Hollow, NY


About 280 to 310 degrees


1 Rockwood Rd
Tarrytown, NY 10591
41.117084, -73.863789
(Address is approximate)

Site is 1/2 mile north of the intersection of Route 9 and Route 117 in Sleepy Hollow New York. This is about 1 mile north of Phelps Memorial Hospital and just south and across the road from the Sleepy Hollow Country club

SIMPLE ROUTE but not fastest ( better routes below )

About 70 minutes from Syosset,

LIE to Cross Island North to Throgs Neck Bridge.  

Head for the Cross Bronx Expressway to the NYS Thruway (87) .  

North to Route 9 North in Tarrytown.  

Go about 5 miles north on route 9.

Once you pass Phelps Memorial Hospital you are about 1 mile from the site.  See below from Route 9 and 117.

FROM SYOSSET - Faster Route - About 50 minutes

LIE to Cross Island North to Throgs Neck Bridge
Head for the Cross Bronx Expressway
Cross Bronx to Bronx River Parkway (BRP) North
BRP becomes Sprain Brook becomes Teconic State Parkway
Take Teconic to Route 117 West to Route 9 North
See below from Rute 9 North

FROM NJ - 15 minutes from Tappan Zee Bridge

Cross Tappan Zee Bridge
Take exit for Teconic or Sprain Brook North.
Take this to Route 117 West
Take Route 9 north
See below from Route 9 North

FROM ROUTE 9N AND 117 Sleepy Hollow

Once you are on Route 9 North From 117, you are VERY close.  Slow down and watch on the left!

Travel North on Route 9 till you see a small road on the left and a stone house. Enter the road and contin
ue across the little bridge.  You will then cross a small road on your right.  Pass the road and pull off to the side about 100 feet to the left of the little gated road entrance.  In the woods you should see a 50 foot path that goes up up to an open field. Walk up the hill about 150 feet and you will see the site.

This is a park, not part of the office building property.

You have to hi-start the planes to fly over the trees at the bottom of the hill.  Once you cross the trees you will be in the lift zone. I have used my upstart ( 25 feet rubber and 125 feet line) to hi-start my Zagi and 2M planes. For anything larger I
might suggest using 50' rubber 150 line.


There is a large grassy landing area about 200 wide by 400+ long plus a grassy down hill area, so 2M and even 3M planes can land here safely.

On the map, where you see 87 crossing the river, that is the Tappen Zee bridge. The site is located right about where the route 9 symbol is shown on this map, just above 87.