Local Clubs

Local Clubs

Some of our members are also members of local clubs, so if you fly elsewhere don't be surprised to find us flying with you.

Pilots who do not wish to participate in the type of flying we do in LISF, are cordially invited to join clubs that are more in keeping with their flying goals.

Left: A nicely built scale plane that can fly at most local clubs' fields, but is definitely not what we recommend for our members to fly in Stillwell Park.

Radio control model airplane clubs located in the Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn and Queens counties of Long Island, New York.

  Babylon R/C Flyers (Western Suffolk)

  Edgewood Flyers Inc (Eastern Nassau)

  Hempstead Harbor Aero Modelers Society (Northern Nassau)

  Long Island Aero Radio Society (Eastern Suffolk)

  Long Island Flying Eagles (Central Suffolk)

  Long Island Silent Flyers (North Eastern Nassau)

  Long Island Skyhawks (Eastern Suffolk)

  Meroke R/C Club Inc (Southern Nassau)

  Nassau Flyers Long Island Condors (Southern Nassau)

  PARCS (Southern Brooklyn)

  Radio Control Society of Marine Park (Southern Brooklynn)

  Seaview Rotary Wings (Southern Brooklynn)

  Silent Electric Flyers of Long Island (Southeastern Suffolk)

  Suffolk Aero Modelers (Western Suffolk)

  Whitman Flyers (Eastern Nassau)