Need to know how to buy, build or set up your sailplane? How about flight simulators or magazines about sailplanes? Here are some links to to web pages that may help you.

These resources may well be more details than someone new to this sport wants or needs. To avoid wasting time and money getting started, you should contact LISF and we will be happy to help and guide you - we don't charge for this. In general, members start to become available to help on the field in April and stop in November, with the greatest number available when the weather is warmer.


The Novice Lounge

Thermals and how to catch them

Six Keys to Success

Everything You Wanted to Know About Electric Flight - An e-Book

Things to Check on a RTF

Magazines On-line

RC Soaring Digest On-Line Magazine
The Lift Zone

Flight Simulators

Getting Started with a Flight Simulator
Real Flight Basic (mode 2)
Phoenix R/C Pro Simulator V5.0 with DX4e
CrrcSim - a free flight simulator for Linux, Mac OSX (ppc and rosetta compatible) and Windows (98/2000/XP/7). The Supra model feels like flying a real Supra.
Setup notes for crrcsim-0.9.9 and crrcsim-0.9.12 on Linux Mint 13 - The control box setup notes are applicable to Windows computers.

Plane and Radio Setup

Trimming your airplane
Aerodynamic Center of Gravity
Online CG Calculator
Canard CG Calculator
Setting up the JR 9303

Electric Gliders and Planes Legal at the LISF Field

HobbyZone Super Cub
GWS Slow Stick
GWS Slow Stick
Multiplex Easy Star
Multiplex Easy Star
Multiplex Cularis e-glider
Multiplex Easy Glider Pro
GWS Tiger Moth
ParkZone Radian E-glider
ParkZone Radian E-glider
ParkZone Radian E-glider
Ascent e-glider
DJ Aerotech Chrysalis HLG -electric
DJ Aerotech Chrysalis HLG -electric
GUPPY electric sailplane
Art Hobby - Serenity-EV 2.5M
Supra Electric
Skybench Glider Kits
MM Glider Tech Glider Kits

Used Airplanes and Gliders

Advanced Sport or Intermediate Competition Gliders

Competition Flying

The Eastern Soaring League

Contest Flying Tips - Secrets to Contest Flying

Contest Strategies

The Purpose of Ruddering - When flying gliders we want to fly in the most efficient fashion possible. In the article at this link, Dr. Mark Drela provides an excellent discussion on the value of good ruddering.

Finding and working Very Light Lift - Mark Drela

Timing the Zoom on a Winch Launch

FAI Soaring Rules - Click on "Sporting Code Section 4: Aeromodelling". FAI is the world governing body for air sports and aeronautical world records

Launch Settings - Launch-Meister by Daryl Perkins

Launch Meister.pdf

Launch Settings - Maximizing Your Launch Potential by Joe Wurts

Maximizing Your Launch Potential.pdf

Trimming - Center of Gravity and Dive Testing by Ben Clerx

Center of Gravity and Dive Testing.pdf

Trimming - Maximum Performance by Ben Clerx

Maximum Performance.pdf


Discus Launched Gliders

Interested in Discus Launched Gliders - DLG

SuperGee Thread 1

SuperGee Thread 2

SuperGee Thread 3

SuperGee Thread 4

SuperGee Thread 5

Slope Soaring

Long Island Slope Soaring


Painting Multiplex Elapor Foam
Tips On Balancing Your Model
Boom making
Aerodynamics for Model Aircraft
AVL Aerodynamic and Flight Dynamic analysis software
Foam cutting power supply
Fuse molding
Wing strength - spar calculation

Build Threads

MM Glidertech Marauder
Sig Riser 100
Sig Riser 100
Gentle Lady
Skybench Big Bird
Spirit 2M RES
Skybench Oly 2
Dynaflite Daydream
Bird of Time
Bird of Time
Skybench Little Bird