We are the Long Island Silent Flyers, a group of radio control flight enthusiasts specializing in flying thermal duration, hand launched and electric powered model sailplanes. We also fly rubber-powered free-flight model aircraft and slow-flight electric-powered model aircraft. LISF has access to a beautiful field in Stillwell Woods Park, in Syosset, Nassau County, New York, where we have been flying since January of 1975.

Flying is a relaxing hobby, providing an outlet for the stresses of modern life. It also transforms our leisure time into fun and exercise.

Flying is fun! Come out to the field at Stillwell Park on a nice low-wind weekend day and see what we are up to. You will meet some friendly and interesting people from all walks of life who love to fly and talk about flying model aircraft.

Flying is a challenging sport. The challenge of thermal duration flying is finding thermals, which are rising masses of warmer air, and riding them to greater heights. By flying from thermal to thermal we can often keep our sailplanes up for ten minutes or longer.

Thermal duration sailplanes are slow flying and graceful in the air, but that doesn’t stop us from feeling the excitement of finding a thermal and watching them gain altitude without using a propeller. Hand launch / F3K sailplanes and electric powered sailplanes give pilots the same challenges as thermal duration sailplanes; they are just launched differently. With rubber-powered free-flight models the challenges are building and then trimming the plane for the desired flight.

For those of a competitive nature, who want more of a challenge than sport flying, there are club contests. We also host a Eastern Soaring League (ESL) scheduled contest at Daniel Boone Homestead in Birdsboro, PA.

LISF club contests and ESL contests hosted by LISF have been popular and well-documented events, so check out our photo galleries for pictures and videos.

The planes we fly are environmentally friendly. They are powered by renewable energy: using rechargeable batteries and rubber power, which provide the additional benefit of keeping them quiet. Since our planes do not use liquid fuel, they do not emit pollutants and their CO2 footprint isn’t just small, it’s tiny.

We hold monthly meetings at the Syosset Public Library on South Oyster Bay Road, just north of the Long Island Expressway. Meetings are generally held on the third Thursday of each month, beginning promptly at 7:00 PM. Check the LISF calendar for the exact date and time as not every date conforms to this general rule and all dates are subject to change. Everyone is welcome, from beginner to expert.

To get you started, web pages detailing new member information and how to join are provided. A list of recommended trainer and intermediate models can be found in planes to consider. If you have radio control flying experience, you might want to go directly to types of planes we fly.

We are looking forward to meeting you and, if you are interested, having you join us.

Directions and a listing of lodgings local to the flying field in Stillwell Woods Park