About Us

logo_lisfLISF was founded January 1975 by folks who enjoy building, flying, and promoting the flight of radio controlled gliders. Some of our members also enjoy flying free flight rubber powered planes, which are glider like in design and flight. There are no hard runways at the field so hand launching is the general procedure.

We gather to fly our planes at Stillwell Woods Park, a Nassau County property, located in Syosset, New York. Nassau County has granted LISF limited use of the field for the purpose of flying our planes. Glow and gas-powered planes as well as helicopters are not permitted at the field by Nassau County rule.

Over the years we have expanded our club rules to embrace electric powered gliders that do not require an external launching system. We have also arranged with Nassau County, the field owner, to approve the flying of a limited range of electrified old timer type planes that are glider like in their flight. In addition, we have created a limited list of slow to moderate speed electric airplanes that are glider-like in their flight characteristics for pilots who wish to use these as trainers or who intend to fly them in a fashion that is compatible with our field.

LISF is an AMA chartered club. As such LISF operates it’s flying field in conformance with AMA guidelines. All members are required to be AMA members in order to use the field. In addition, unless otherwise designated, for special events, all pilots must also have a Nassau County flying permit which must be displayed whenever using the field.

LISF at Stillwell Park’s field holds a unique position among the numerous model airplane clubs’ fields in the area. This is the only designated glider field on Long Island and the only one in a 50 mile radius. As such it is imperative that we preserve the glider nature of the club and the field. Pilots who do not wish to participate in this type of flying, are cordially invited to join local power plane clubs that are more in keeping with their flying goals. Some of our members are also members of local power plane clubs to be able to enjoy both types of flying.