Elected Officials

President – Micheal Lavelle

Vice President – John Caramagna

Secretary – Peter Nicholson

Treasurer – Norman Greenberg

Appointed Officials

Safety Officer – John Caramagna

Appointed Positions

County Liaison – Bob Anderson

Non-appointed Positions

Club Contest Director of Unlimited TD – David Immanuel

Club Contest Director of ALES – Phil Abatelli

ESL Co-contest Directors of Unlimited TD – Mike Lavelle and Ed Anderson

ESL Contest Director of ALES – Ed Anderson

Flight Examiners

Bob Anderson

Dan Seigel

Ed Anderson

Frank Nisita

John Caramagna

Mike Lavelle

Pete Nicholson

Rudi Oudshoorn

AMA Flight Instructors

Bob Anderson

Ed Anderson

Pete Nicholson

Rudi Oudshoorn