Cold Weather Flying Kit

Winter flying can be lots of fun if you are prepared. Here are a few equipment recommendations for winter flying at Stillwell and slope soaring in the local area to get you started setting up your cold weather flying kit. This not a complete list of what equipment you’ll need.

Winter Golf Gloves

These have soft golf leather palms which make it very easy to feel the control sticks. The backs are insulated. You can get these at any of the local golf stores or golf course pro shops.

Hot Hands Heat Packs or Similar
Hand Warmer Size

You can get these individually at home depot and lots of outdoor places. One in the palm of each hand keeps hands nice and warm and helps to warm the rest of you. They are good for hours.

Body Warmer Size

If you feel you need it.!VarnIIrd!RBrEZCgOzpABQ!/Hot-Hands-Personal-Warmers?utm_source=FRGL&utm_medium=organic&gclid=CMzuzKO-hrsCFQbl7AodHBMA6w

Head and Neck Protection
Neck Gaiter

Neck protection. Better than a scarf


Head and neck protection.