Field Safety

LISF members should read through this page and follow the links for more information. Hopefully this will help you be better able to protect yourselves while in Stillwell Park and to assist folks there who may be in distress. It may not take much on your part. Recognizing a serious problem and the simple acts of calling the police and admitting them to the field can be a lifesaver. We have been called upon to do this in the past and undoubtedly, with the increasing number of people using the trails around the field and in the woods, we will be called upon to do it again.

Environmental Hazards

Hot Weather Flying – and how to cope with it

Heat Related Illnesses – watch for signs and take action

Cold Weather Flying Kit – a few equipment recommendations

Learn How to Read the UV Index Scale – to help you avoid harmful exposure to UV radiation.

Eye Safety – on the field and in the woods. It’s not just for farm workers.

Thunderstorms and Lightning

Groundhog Burrows – are quite often hidden and pose a serious threat.

Loose Dogs – Per Nassau County “dogs are not allowed in Nassau County parks or preserves“. They are being walked in Stillwell preserve anyway, particularly early in the morning. Be wary of them. They are very often unleashed and out of the control of their owners. They pick up ticks in the grass and woods, jump on people and will chase and jump on model sailplanes. If this situation isn’t bad enough, the victim of a dog bite may find that New York Dog Bite Law is woefully inadequate for compensation of damages. Please be extra careful when approached.

Ticks 101 – an excellent article targeted at folks on Long Island by Enrico Nardone

Tick Removal – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

How to Safely Remove Ticks From Skin – by Jennifer Fabiano

The Rise of the Tick – Further reading by Outside Magazine

Mosquitoes – Department of Health

Poison Ivy and Other Poisonous Plants – This is from the FDA. If you want more helpful information try, Welcome to the World of Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac. While there check out how to identify poison ivy. It looks quite different dependent on the season. Did you catch all the exceptions to the identifying rules?

Medical Issues

First Aid App – American Red Cross

Allergic Reactions – American Red Cross

Hands-Only CPR – American Heart Association

Safety Equipment

First Aid Kit – American Red Cross

Fire Extinguisher – An ABC fire extinguisher only costs about $33.00.

Cell Phone – Repurpose an old cellphone as an emergency phone.

Identification – Basic and medical alert identification

Plan Ahead

Flying Checklist – Make one and use it.

Emergency Contacts

Syosset Fire Department and Ambulance: 911 or (516) 921-0000

Nassau County Police 2nd Precinct: (516) 573-6200

Town of Oyster Bay Public Safety: (516) 677-5350

Nassau County Police Public Security Unit: (516) 572-0300

Brandywine Tree Service – Bill: (516) 978-4684

Home Safety

Field pests can and do follow us home.

Pest Control – This site’s “guides provide advice and the resources you need to make important decisions about protecting your home from pests.”